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a building with a pool
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Welcome to Soho Resort

Elevating your lifestyle Experience
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Welcome to Soho Resort

Elevating your lifestyle Experience

SOHO Resort is a unique residential resort situated on the Paphos coastline at a privileged waterfront location. Comprising two towers standing at 15 and 16 floors respectively, along with 20 luxurious villas, the resort offers a wealth of amenities including a modern gym, an indulgent spa, a swimming pool, sports facilities, a park, a playground, and stunning gardens - all essential commodities that invite relaxation and a comfortable lifestyle.

The breathtaking views of Paphos seafront, its picturesque harbor with an iconic castle, and the sweeping panoramic views of the vibrant city provide the perfect finishing touches.

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Leisure & Activities

Within the embrace of Soho Resort, an array of amenities awaits to elevate your experience. Enjoy first-class concierge services, indulge in the serenity of our spa and fitness centre, and take a dip in our inviting pool.

Our dedicated 24-hour security ensures your peace of mind, while the well-appointed business center caters to your professional needs. Explore a variety of fine dining options and boutique shops, all meticulously curated to provide a superior level of comfort.

The gated communal areas are impeccably designed exclusively for owners and guests, featuring manicured gardens, active children's play areas games lounge, and a sweeping outdoor pool.

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News & Events

Keep up do date with news and events around Soho resort.